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I am happy you found my web site. My name is Fresa but most people call me Fresita. Fresa is Spanish for strawberry and Fresita means a small strawberry.

I was born on May 1st, 2005 in a little town called Sabanilla in the foothills overlooking the central valley of San Josť, Costa Rica. The mountains are very cold at night.

One day a man called the lady who was taking care of me looking for a companion. We went with my two sisters to visit him. He was a funny looking man.  Most humans do not talk like a dog but use funny sounds. He sounded more strange than the other people.

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He played with us on the floor. He acted nice. This little girl was very afraid. I tried to be brave and gave him a couple of little kisses. He smelled a little strange but humans like it when you kiss them. Being a good Tica, (a girl in my country) I tried to be polite and a friendly girl.

I made a mess on the floor because this girl was nervous. He was not angry. That was good. Well, suddenly he held me in his arms and the lady went away with my sisters. This little girl has been here in his house since then. I hope you enjoy my web site. You can see more of me in the picture galleries.

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