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I am a graphic designer with a beagle. I am crazy about her and I use this site as a place to show off my work and her beauty. I have a technique for making a digital photo look like a painting. I can do it in a variety of styles which are illustrated below in the sample images slide show.

Click to see before and after samples of completed jobs.

My offer is free and for anybody who owns a beagle. If you send me a digital photo I will transform it for you in the style of your choice.  Just pick the style you want and attach your image to an e-mail. In the e-mail tell me the style and a little about your dog.

Obviously, the higher the resolution of the image you send me the better the results will be (especially if you plan to print the image). For that reason I am going to limit the size of the image file you send me to 2 mb. ( that is 2 megabytes). If you need any help before you send the image just drop me an e-mail . I'll do all I can to help you through the process.

Why am I doing this? For the beagles, of course! My e-mail is bob@soybob.com . If you want to see other work by me visit my web site at www.soybob.com.

Please review the samples to the right


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