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Fresita Is A Hound Dog
friend of mine wanted to see a video of Fresita barking/howling. If you are a beagle lover it really is singing. Hook Fresita up with The King and let the "singing" begin. Get out your popcorn and watch Fresita Aint Nuthin But A Hound Dog.

Golf With Fresita
his is the "Director's Cut" of Fresita "playing golf" with me in the park. I just wanted to show how this crazy little beagle has taught herself to wait while I hit the ball and then bring it back for another shot. With a little help from Bill Murray and clips from Caddy Shack here is Golf With Fresita.

Flowers In The Park
he pre-school near the park has begun to take the kids for a little exercise. Today Fresita met the Kinder Kids. I am a terrible video camera-man but little kids and a beagle is a combination pretty hard to mess up. There isn't any music just happy sounds and my butchered Spanish.

Last Date
oday was a little sad because one of Fresita's good buddies a really nice little collie is moving so this was their last play date. With the help of Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs a happy last date.

Splish Splash Taking a Bath
resita is the first dog I have ever had that doesn't mind getting a bath. I wouldn't say she loves it but there are parts of it that I'm sure she likes. When I rinse her off with warm water she seems to really be happy. Anyway, with help from Jimmy Darin we present Fresita Splish Splash.

On Golden Park
resita meets the nicest dogs and their humans too. This is a music video of Fresita having a fun run on a beautiful day in Costa Rica. The four month old golden's human is the wife of the ambassador from Argentina to Costa Rica, a very nice woman. San Josť has the perfect climate. Where I live, the altitude is almost 4,000 feet. The average daytime temperature, year round, is 72 degrees. It's a perpetual springtime.

Dance, Dance, Dance
resita meets a lot of friends in the park. This video is of her first meeting with a five month old Collie. She is a very sweet dog owned by a German woman. The way the played reminded me of dancing. I hope you enjoy it.

resita and I live in a condominium and I like to sleep late. The solution is a potty that is easy to clean (uses newspapers not pads) and your dog uses. Enter the WizDog!

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Calle 8
resita is a city girl. She loves the action on the streets of the barrio. She is a Tica which is a Costa Rican girl so if you combine a nice day, a park with colorful graffiti and the sounds of her favorite cumbia group Calle 8 she is contenta. Cumbia is a type of Latin-American dance and music originating among African slave populations on Colombia's Atlantic coast.

Smooth Beagle
resita is the ultimate "Smooth Operator". Even people who don't like dogs love Fresita. She has a personality and a look that is irresistible.

Dinner with Squeaky
resita has an odd habit of gathering some toys close by when she eats. In this video you can see her two squeaky toys. I've never seen a dog do this. It is as if she doesn't like to eat alone.

Saturday in the Park
ust about every day Fresita gets to go for a run in the park which is close to the house. She loves it, especially when the kids from the barrio are there. Today is was just the two of us.

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