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Fresita's WizDog Video (Rated PG)

Fresita and I live in a condominium and I like to sleep late. The solution is a potty that your dog happily uses and is easy to clean (uses newspapers not pads). Enter the WizDog!

It's always a kick when you buy something and it works. Works so well you can't believe it. Well, the WizDog is that good! I am acting as an affiliate for them and if you buy one you will be paying for a little of Fresita's up-scale dog food.

WizDog - Indoor Dog Potty is a revolutionary housetraining system for dogs. Pee pads get shredded or stepped-in after liquid elimination and tracked all over carpet and furniture. Consisting of a durable plastic pan and fitted grate, liquid waste dispenses through the grate onto newspaper or pee pad, separated from your dog's paws. This is the cleanest, simplest and lowest cost solution to dog housetraining.

Don't forget, Fresita gets a commission so if you recommend the WizDog
to a friend give them this address so Fresita gets credit when they
decide to click through and buy.

This is the video of Fresita using her WizDog Potty

Use the controls to play the video.

Now you can go to their site and see for yourself
and order one. Remember Fresita needs a new bone.

Click Here


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

WizDog absolutely guarantees your complete, 100% enthusiastic satisfaction or they will refund all your money, no quibbling, no questions asked - period.

Yes, WizDog is that confident you will LOVE your WizDog!

You have nothing to loose... except the stress and worry about your dog's potty needs.

What Others Are Saying...

"I just love how clean it keeps my house and how easy it is for my puppy."
"She took to it immediately. I was amazed!! Thanks. Great invention!"
"WONDERFUL product, my girls used it with no problem. THANKS!"
"Wow! what a sensational product! Cleanup is a breeze."
"I think that this concept is so revolutionary."
"My puppy used to shred the newspapers and training pads. Problem solved. Thank you."
"This is exactly what I needed and have looked for but never found"
"What a great idea!! WizDog is just remarkable. Thanks."
"I love this product!"
"YEA! Thank you for this great product!"
"Brilliant. Simply brilliant! Saves me $600 a month on dog walkers. Thanks!"


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